How to Rekindle Curiosity

Source Stanislas Dehaene

J’apprécie particulièrement les livres de Stanislas Dehaene et notamment Apprendre ! et La plus belle histoire de l’intelligence. Son nouveau livre How we Learn vient de paraître et il nous en offre un extrait.


« The solution is the same for both schoolchildren and adults in the workforce: People have to be reminded that they are perfectly capable of learning, provided the problems are adapted to their level, and that learning brings its own reward. The theory of curiosity says that when we are discouraged by work that is either too easy or too challenging, we must restore our desire to learn by breaking down tasks to be both stimulating and achievable. In school and throughout life, tailoring problems to match our capacity rekindles the pleasure of learning something new. From there, our metacognitive system learns that we can learn, which puts curiosity back on track. »

Extrait complet à lire ici.

C’est sur la base des 2 livres cités plus haut que j’ai écrit l’article La résolution de problèmes, une histoire de curiosité ?